Register process

  1. Fork current user info repo

Fork admin‘s User info repo,to engineer‘s Gitee account。

  1. Create personal task management repo

Task management repo can use openEuler-oepkgs-repo-demo as template.

  1. Add personal register info

Create self user info file using the existing file in repo.

File should stored in next level directory using name first letter in user, create new directory if it is not existing.

  • User info JSON items descritption

    • user: username,with latin letter, arabic numbers, a dash or under line, must not same as any existing user

    • real_name: real name,any UTF-8 string

    • email: admin can contact with you by this address

    • api_token: reserve, give it a blank value

    • prj_repo: engineer‘s job management repo URL

    • prj_branch: active branch name in repo, default is master

  1. Providing details needed to admin to confirm register

Confirm the file is added correctly, then commit, push and create a PR in Gitee, admin will verify the info register by engineer, the request will be accepted after everything verified.

After accepted, the PR will be merged and user account will be initialized by admin

  1. Changed password first with init password from admin

Engineer can set password with pmtools

Please set your personal password ASAP after initialized passphrase got from admin

Engineer must set personal password before any other operation in system after admin reset.

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