Task management

  1. Create own package building task info repo

Repo example shows whole contents in a job management repo.

Paths is an advice,but to avoid duplicate name is a must.

  • Task description JSON file items details:

    • job: Job name,engineer‘s task must not use same name, full path name of JSON file used as job name is an valid suggestion
    • scm_repo: SCM repo URL
    • branch: SCM repo active branch name, default is master
    • OS_full: Distro full name,openEuler supported at present
    • OS: Distro short name,oe(short for openEuler) is currently supported
    • version: Distro version,supported in: 20.03-LTS, 20.09
    • build_type: Task catetories,only package supported this time
    • package_name: Package name
    • build_tag: Build tag in Koji,supported: oe20.03-LTS, oe20.09
    • yum_repo: Publish repo,can be omitted,system will use OS_full-version as publis repo name at this situation
    • scratch_build: scratch build flas,1 indecates scratch build, 0 is not
  1. Update task info in repo

Add, delete or modify task info in repo.

  1. Update repo to system

Update system info with pmtools.

$ oepkgs_pmtools -u username -p passphrase UpdateConfig -r


$ oepkgs_pmtools -u username -p passphrase UpdateConfig

-r/–reset means system will drop the repo keeped, and re-clone the repo.

  1. Changed task status in system
  • Add task

Using this command to create task in system

$ oepkgs_pmtools -u username -p passphrase CreateJob --rpath path/to/json

-r/–rpath is the relative path in repo

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