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oepkgs.net is an application publishing platform,the repo base URL is https://repo.oepkgs.net .

Engineer will own and maintain private repo in system, the binary packages can be published in system.

The package maintained by official maintainer in this community, will published in oepkgs.net Official repo.


Register process of engineer

  • Application

Engineer‘s register application will be checked and verified by admin. And will own a personal repo in https://repo.oepkgs.net/people if accepted by admin. The repo will be created automatically on first time publish binary package.

  • Package add

Engineer add tasks in registered projects Git repo, and update create by pmtool to system. after a succeed building, this package will be added to personal repo.

  • Build and publish

Compiling will be triggered by webhook setting in source code repo, usually PR or push in repo. the binary packages will be update after every succeed build. if the version suffix is same, old one will be over written with no notice.

Basic usage

User can create repo file in /etc/yum.repos.d/ to use the repo This is an exapmle:

  • Create /etc/yum.repos.d/oepkgs_bot.repo as follow
  • Update repo info in distro with command: dnf update

  • Install package with command: dnf install

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