Introduction fo user info repo

The file layout of this repo:

├── docs (Documentation)
│   ├── figures (pictures in documentation)
│   ├── templates (JSON file templates in system)
│   │   ├── package_template.json (task configuration template)
│   │   └── user_template.json (engineer Gitee account info)
│   ├──
│   |   (Gitee Webhook configure guide, for engineer)
│   └──
│       (Jenkins Jobs configure guide, for admin)
├── (This documentation)
├── tools (configure tools)
│   └── oepkgs_djtools (oepkgs Database&Json tools )
└── users (engineeer's Gitee account info)
    ├── e (engineers's username first letter)
    │   └── eulerblade.json (specific engineer's Gitee account info)
    └── o
        └── ocean-killer.json

Simple usage

Step by step:

  1. Engineer must resgister before using any service from building system

  2. admin verify and rejct or accept register

  3. admin import new engineer‘s info to database with tools/oepkgs_djtools, and give the initializing passphrase back to engineer

Engineer can do other work, follow: User job management settings

Using oepkgs_djtools

This tool is admin use only

Basic usage of oepkgs_tools is below:

oepkgs_djtools imort -t user -d database -j jsonfile

Importing the user info to database.

Admin reset an engineer‘s password

oepkgs_djtools initpass -d database -j jsonfile [-p/--password] new-passphrase

passphrase will be set to value of argument -p/–password, if not, system will generate a random string as passphrase

Admin should give this passphrase to engineer

JSON file path and naming rules


Every user info is stroed in a JSON file, filename is same as username, username must start with letter. And the file should be put to the sub-directory of users, named using the username’s first letter.


Administrator manual

This page was not complete, We are still working on it.

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