oepkgs is the abbreviation of Open External Packages Service.


The vision of this community is to provide third-party application packages and container images for openEuler and other ditros.

Agreement of community

Contributor license agreement of community


  • Intro of repos

  • How to participate

    • Packaging
    • Contribution

Organization and operation

  • Started and supportted by Institute of software Chinese academy of sciencesopenEuler, to provide distributing and downloading services for personal developers, open source communities、OSV、ISV in free application packages and container images.
  • All oepkgs components are open source on Gitee.
  • Not only the open source but also APPs with other licenses are accepted.
  • APPs distributed with binary or non-free are accepted if they do not break any other open source or non open source licenses.
  • Packages distributed here should follow the original distribution rules, compatible with their base repositories.

We are still working on this translation.

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